Curacao has long been the Pearl of the Caribbean, until the greedy Dutch colonial rulers decided to use the island to favor their capitalist geopolitical interests.

Inequality in estate is used as the front runner in this commercialized capitalist process. In other words the rich is getting richer, while the poor get poorer working for the rich.

Curacao has about 11 different heavily armed police forces that work to keep the international drugs trade in perspective. Apart from the regular local police force, the Dutch conspirators seated in The Hague established the RST and so-called Atrako Team.

To control the borders, the local customs officers are backed by the Dutch Army and Marines DEA, VKC apart from other naval forces such as the Coast Guard and Royal Navy warships. The entire defense is also backed by the US forward operations entity FOL.

This way the corrupted politicians and its fake democratic government can rule over the victimized populations living in Curacao. The successful entities on the island along the coast of Venezuela are the ones connected into those networks.

The opposition will simply be vaporized all together. The unsolved political murder on Helmin Wiels is a good example of this evil attitude presented by the Dutch colonial dictators.

Before all of this took shape, Curacao was a friendly island in the Caribbean, now poverty rules society, which is used to collaborate the upcoming final invasion.

The tax collector’s money is abused to build the infrastructure for the tax evading tourism industry. Education and other forms of the so-called development have been postponed by the senseless traitor style politicians in order to grant outsiders the chance to mingle in and annex the airport and harbor for the Dutch enterprises to trade with South America.

The Dutch Zionist Kingdom controls 20% of all the South American import- and exports operations, so the CAP aviation gateway (Swiss occupiers) and harbor/shipping (Dutch invaders) sectors are vital lifelines in this concept.

In the meanwhile the PAR/MAN cocalition government intentionally froze the minimum wages for the mostly ‘also’ tax evading enterprises to profit from.

The trade in human trafficking has proven to be very lucrative. While illegal immigrants are dominating the local employment market, with exception for about 60% of the locals that are paid the minimum income.

By doubling up the real estate prices (money laundering scheme) the cost of living also skyrocketed and increased by at least 100% which is not indexed into the income equation. This resulted in economic deportation flows towards Europe, with KLM and TUI profiting from the degrading colonial invasion.

With on average 15.000 Dominicans, 20.000 Hatians, an estimated 15.000 Colombians and 10.000 Venezuelans living on the island of Curacao, the 60.000 Latin American department is well represented to support the cheap employment rings.

Add another 30.000 Chinese into the perspective, together with at least 20.000 Dutch colonial invaders that with their judges control the establishment, one finds out that the total population of 165.000 has almost been occupied by outside agents.

The last source of income for an autonomous Curacao is the ISLA oil refinery, which is run by PdVSA. But also here the Dutch institutions and politicians are pushing the useless government representatives to destroy the energy sector in order to totally isolate Curacao and turn it back into a colonial dictatorship.

The only solution to cure this fantastic hoax is to charge the extremely polluting tourism sector to pay garbage and/or carbon footprint tax, the same way democratic economies like in Brazil does to take care of business for everybody to profit from.

Crickey Conservation Society 2018.

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22-04-20 00:33


Honor and Livelihoods
Honor and Livelihoods
23-03-22 13:01

Colonies are still being plundered, abused and tortured under the disguise of development nowadays?