The Corona epidemic adventure has many different extreme angles, aimed at derailing the colonial society in order to tightly strangle its ethnic freedom after forcefully paying taxes to the collector used to build roads and other type of tourist infrastructure.

At the moment (for allegedly protection purposes) the residents are surrounded by entrenched Dutch special (colored to blend in with society) armed troops along the coastline, on land, sea and in the air completely isolating the previous mass tourism island in the Caribbean geographically mapped in front of oil-rich Venezuela.

At the same time, American warships patrol the Bolivarian territorial borders to isolate the very oil rich Latin American country into more distress, in an attempt to confiscate the huge gold and oil reserves hidden and mined in Venezuela.

After the tax evading tourism industry invaded, privatized and occupied Curaçao, the Dutch military army and marines filled in the left behind Covid-19 void. The hospitality sector will now be obligated to scale back, leading the way for the travel and vaccinated future vacations.

Extremely tight anti-virus measures were taken after one tourist died from the Corona infection. A nearly total lock down derailed the entire economy, compensating the hospitality branch in full force.

Of course again the tax payer must cover this costly bill for the tax evading entities that contribute only 20% the islands economy or GDP, spending the entire yearly travel and leisure income revenue in just 5 months?

The impoverished society experiences the highest unemployment (41%) rates in history. Now over half of the islands population was deported to another destiny in a rainy cold narcissist society that live on the lute that was plundered from the colonies, naming it business and trade.

While the capitalist Dutch entities make sure that their investment will totally cover their highly over compensated entertainment sector, businesses confiscated the islands public properties, corrupting officials in order to extract the most beautiful beaches.

The infrastructure for the mass tourism rings was paid by the local taxpayers loyal to the crown and the conspirators in The Hague, without any return on investment.

A treasonous mole working as a puppet that was ordered to prostitute the tourism environment has resigned from his post, ashamed of opposition comments and actions properly taken.

Now the military troops have to protect the confiscated beaches from invaders that try to turn the more socialist approach back to what it used to be. Less poverty and more freedom are the goals set, but for now the cards in the deck are shuffled the other way.

When the tourists return the troops will exchange their annexed positions in order for the royal enhanced networks to continue inhabit and therefore plunder the islands values and government (read the taxpaying society’s) native properties.

The colonial footprint has never disappeared after Shell left the island in 1986. After the so-called 10-10-10 autonomous reset, the stranglehold was improved to a level of no return. A fake status was enforced by law, giving powers back to the colonial politicians seated in The Hague

Austerity measures were implemented to get a better grip on the society in return for degrading freedom, traditions and culture, while privatizing the islands very lucrative tropical latitude, but primarily as the position as a Zionist hub to South America.

In 1499, the island was discovered by the Spanish armada, but was later confiscated by the English and Dutch (salt trade) that build fortresses on the desert type island in order to position themselves between continents as a hub for the Zionist (slave) trade.

Recently the sales tax saw a 50% hike on basic goods, shaving off 9% of the revenue, while wages kept frozen. However restaurants, hotels and the rest of the tourist industry got exempted from paying the last type of taxes (again)?

At the moment the government is trying to push a dubious law down through the throats of the people, giving them even more executive power over the incorporated population.

The tourism industry is also used to launder money for the drugs, banking and on-shore gambling networks that exchange billions from pocket to vest this way. Travel giants like TUI have enough power to side wind KLM and share some of the huge profits made.

At the time the evil bribed government auctions off another billion through a third party, letting them sell left over public properties to invest this in the endless dark tourism hole again?

Semi governments organizations and companies are being put with their backs against the wall by the ones in that pull the strings. blaming them for not having reserves that could have financed the corona unemployment bill.

But in reality the businesses and tourist enterprises are the ones that are cash strapped, not the government. And now the low waged illegal Latin and Haitian migrants also benefit, because now they get money for free.

In the end, the islands extorted collateral will vanish into the pockets of NGO’s and banks that are positioned to catch and cash in on the proceeds of the roller coaster ride. The Palestine formula they say, surround, isolate and extract all properties.

At the same time Dutch military units (Garde Jagers) will defend Curaçao against any local up-rise or other forms of opposition. Deployments are positioned at the property of the Smeets family at the Barbara Plantation and other strategic spots on the island.

No guts, no glory, Veni Vedi Vici, until the next episode of the colonial horror show, don’t go anywhere, stay at home and do not blink for one moment please.

ABC Flash Point Fantasy News 2020.

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22-04-20 13:12

Persconferenties zijn bij het W’stan regime zo strak gereguleerd, dat er geen sprake kan zijn van ‘vrijheid’. Je mag als journalist twee vragen stellen en die moeten ook nog eens compact, besluitvaardig en to the point zijn. Terwijl de minister of deskundige aan de andere kant uitvoerig aan het woord mag, ongeacht of het een antwoord is op de vraag. De minister krijgt zelfs, nadat-ie 85% van de tijd aan het woord is geweest, nog de gelegenheid aan het eind voor een ‘laatste woord’?

Palu Duru
Palu Duru
22-04-20 13:21

The island is being re-shaped by the colonial invaders, all traditions, culture and family values must be evaporated and destroyed in order for the plundering evil Dutch entities to take over Curaçao.

22-04-20 19:26

Facts don’t come with point of view.

23-04-20 18:43

De verkiezingen van 2021 zullen worden uitgesteld, zodat de PAR verder kan blijven regeren over de eigendommen van het volk, en deze te laten privatiseren door bevriende NL’se relaties.

07-05-20 10:15

After Covid-19 measures are lifted, will those military aid forces leave again??