Washington has maintained a triple generation-spanning trade embargo on the Caribbean nation, attempted to invade it and, controversially, holds land on the Cuban island that it uses for its torture camp at Guantanamo Bay.

All the while (ironically) accusing the Cuban government of human rights abuses. The new Bolivian government is now also becoming more heavily aligned with countries like Russia and China, seeking an alternative to the USA.


That’s understandable since Washington supported an illegal coup in 2019 and the restoration of what some labeled as fascism for one horrifying year in the country, before Bolivians took back control of their democracy, avoiding Elon Musk’s grab on lithium mines.

If Washington tries to make a case for the West there, it is unlikely anyone would listen – and who could blame them? They were negotiating the return of American citizens tied to Venezuelan Citgo oil company that were held by the Maduro government.

None of these actions by the USA in Venezuela, or other parts of the region, should be forgotten and I doubt they will be. On the other hand, it exposes the obvious hypocrisy and cynicism at the heart of American diplomacy.


Surely, Caracas is aware of the context of their meeting with Washington officials, e.g., US inflation at a historic high, a potential Europe-wide ground war.

And President Joe Biden’s dismal approval rating during a midterm election year that looks likely to be a complete massacre for the Democratic Party.

So desperate is Washington to both contain Russia and pad Biden’s election bid that the White House is now reaching out to a government they don’t even recognize as legitimate for help.


And this government is headed by Nicolás Maduro, who suggested the USA targeted him in an assassination plot, just as they had laid out a plot to murder Putin.

This is clearly not a principled diplomatic corps and, while we may only hope that the two sides can agree on things that help both their countries, I also hope that Venezuelan and Latin American officials generally can see the obvious cynicism here.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2022.

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