All of a sudden a exotic cruise vacation through the Caribbean does not seem to be that interesting anymore, now that the Corona-virus is spreading globally.

Japan has also struggled to deal with the fallout from a Carnival cruise ship that it quarantined off its coast, where more than 700 people tested positive for the virus. Four people who became sick on the ship have died.

So far, Japan has faced significant criticism for its handling of a Diamond Princess cruise ship placed in quarantine after a former passenger contracted the virus

It’s extremely important to prevent one patient cluster from creating another and we think we should take thorough measures.

With people infected all over the world, the bio-warfare tool has proven to be an silent killer in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The Caribbean cruises are visited by many travelers from infected countries like Italy, Spain, Iran, Philippines and South Korea. The poorly, but greedy managed governments in the Caribbean have not taken any sensible measures jet.

The Corona-virus crisis in Italy has shocked Europeans. Driven by fears of the rapidly-spreading Corona-virus, Italians in the Lombardy region have begun stockpiling food and basic necessities, leaving shops in a post-apocalyptic-looking state.

Roughly a dozen northern Italian towns have been placed on lock-down as the total number of infected in Italy stands at over 150. The Europa League football game between Ludogorets and Inter will even be played without public.

In Iran, the deputy health minister, vice president for women and family affairs, and head of Iran’s parliamentary security and foreign relations commission have all tested positive for the virus?

Iran’s former ambassador to the Vatican, prominent cleric Hadi Khosrowshahi, has died of Corona-virus after being treated in hospital, according to state media. He is the highest-profile casualty of the epidemic so far.

The Corona-virus has infected more than 78,000 worldwide and killed more than 2,400, many of whom died in China.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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02-03-20 11:30

If its about money, nobody really cares about safety, unless it makes more money?

Anglo Zio-Nazi Swamp
Anglo Zio-Nazi Swamp
04-03-20 19:58

The Zio-Nazi government of Curaçao will never admit any Corona-virus infection to protect its tax evading tourism industry.

09-03-20 16:07

Once marked as virus destination, tourism will collapse completely?