We are living through the biggest change in the history of humankind, ever. Before the virus crisis, the Western world was in global decay. It was divided, leaderless, and not far from a “bottom-up” socio-political explosion.

Ordinary citizens were losing both their jobs and dignity, and the middle class were rapidly depleting in favor of the growing class of Neo-poor

At that very crucial point, the virus pandemic hit while the Western world was under the leadership of three different personalities, like Donald Trump from the USA, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, and Emanuel Macron from France, the latter of whom managed to overtake Germany in the political leadership of the EU.

The three leaders seemingly have the same concerns over two issues that are critical if change is going to come to the West with minimal damage.

First involves the exclusion of China from the world. If Beijing had not been stopped, in less than two decades, the Chinese will dominate the world.

Second on the list is the need for a fair redistribution of the wealth of the planet, otherwise bottom-up developments, together with potential extreme anarchist social phenomena which might lead to bloodshed, will not be avoided.

The probability of this has increased as ordinary citizens have been under a prolonged lock down, which means a massive loss of income.

Under the circumstances, the lock down has brought millions of households close to bankruptcy and to the point where they have lost their capacity to pay mortgages or credit card debts.

The only way out of this deadlock seems to be a total freeze of all loans and financial obligations for individuals, companies and countries, including bonds, treasury bills, et al for a period of 500 years, with an automatic lifting on all collateral and zero per cent interest rates.

Simultaneously, the banks should be generously financed with a virtual currency that combines the dollar, ruble, and euro with zero per cent interest to finance, with quasi-zero interest, individuals to re-establish their closed businesses as well as small and medium enterprises.

In this new civilization, we are entering into an era where everything should me in moderation, minimalist and with respect to the individual as everyone on this planet has something to say and we must listen to them.

In this way, citizens will be liberated from being prisoners of the banks and various parasites populating the banking system.

At the same time, the new wave of political leaders that has emerged during the crisis will liberate their citizens from the rule of administrative civil servants.

One of the collateral benefits of the ‘new normal’ may indeed be that real power will be taken away from the administrations and will be assumed by the after-crisis generation of new political leaders that emerged, not just during the crisis, but because of it.

As for an isolated China, with trillions of dollars of American and other states’ papers frozen but not abolished, it will need half a millennium to collect.

Beijing will take a few years to re-constitute itself before it poses a threat to the Western world as its regime will be busy strengthening its international isolation as the only way for the so-called Communist regime and hereditary nomenclature to survive.

New Europe / ABC Flash Point Austerity News 2020.

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28-04-20 17:10

This will be done at the cost of China’s debt collection over the next 500 years.