The most side-winded government in the world, apart or next to Israel could completely ignore the Corona-virus with probable falsified lab tests by its Zionist controlled  Parliament, seated in Willemstad.

With the whole travel world, temporarily closing its businesses KLM wants to open up the skies and extend its flights to the Caribbean, while the port authorities are still accepting cruise ships to massively visit the island, an explosion of the deadly virus is waiting to happen.

This Friday, on March 13, 2020, the USA will block all the flights coming out of Europe, creating alternative routes via Canada and the Caribbean to supply the travel demand.

The global threat for Corona-virus infections will hit harder if badly informed or corrupted governments keep ignoring the very dangerous situation. Luckily the major cruise lines have already halted their tourist operations for the upcoming months

The longer people wait the harder they fall. If the local government decides to temporarily close the tropical skies, the global pandemic has a smaller chance to develop and turn into a disaster, like in Italy and Iran.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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Green House
14-03-20 22:24

Let’s hope the puppet government is able to also take some good decisions?

15-03-20 17:50

Eerste doden al gevonden in de Hotels van Papagayo and Dream (voorheen Hilton).

02-10-21 12:22

Karma hits back after the fascist mass Tourism industry destroyed the livelihood of the local inhabitants?