CNN medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner told the network that he believes private companies should start making it mandatory for workers to have the Covid-19 vaccine.

I do think it’s time to start mandating vaccines, Reiner told ‘Outfront’ host Erin Burnett on Thursday after she asked him if government officials should stop begging Americans to get vaccinated.

The medical analyst thinks that private industry and private organizations will do that to promote pharmaceutical products.

There’s still is reported to be a third of the eligible population in the United States that hasn’t got a single dose. The Biden Administration says it’s not their role to mandate get people vaccinated.

Given where things are going, is it time to move on from saying please to mandating?

We arrived at the part of the pandemic now where the problem in this country is that 150 million Americans are not vaccinated. Half of that number is less than 18 years of age.

But let’s look at the adults. Seventy-five-million adults have chosen not to get vaccinated. That choice has consequences. Now, we can’t force you to take a jab in the arm.

But there are many jobs, perhaps, that can prevent you from working if you decide not to get vaccinated. So I think we need to be more proactive, and we will see industry take the lead in this.

News Punch / ABC Flash Point Health News 2021.

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