CIA collaboration with the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) is part of the standard US play-book that calls for working with local client states to undermine and even spark conflicts with adversaries like Russia.

UK and USA experts had been training an SBU counterintelligence unit that was allegedly responsible for regular acts of terrorism and sabotage in eastern Ukraine.

A former US Army Major Todd Pierce, a lawyer and historian, told Sputnik, it has been part of the CIA play-book to use client states to do preliminary work in weakening the political systems of declared enemies.

Russia has been designated as an enemy in the US national security strategy, Pierce observed, but the USA will try to blame Moscow for any conflict.

Although, we would frame it that we are acting in ‘self-defense,’ as we framed it with Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Venezuela… the CIA goal would be to prepare forces capable of waging offensive operations within Russian territory.

This has been the way the USA has triggered and conducted all its wars since the end of World War II, most notoriously in North Vietnam where the Pentagon sent saboteurs into North Vietnam before the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which likely triggered it in the confusion created.

Pierce said the practice to encircle Russia goes back decades under nearly every US administration since the 90’s.

Former Canadian diplomat Patrick Armstrong in Moscow said the latest reports showed how dependent Ukraine had been on Washington since the democratically-elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych had been toppled in Kiev in 2014.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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28-04-20 16:13

Zionist agenda operation in order to seize Crimea and built a second ISRAELI STATE.