An Australian think tank just recently warned that the US military is over-stretched in the Indo-Pacific region and it risks suffering a fait accompli loss to Beijing before it even has the chance to respond.

The report says that China’s “growing arsenal of accurate long-range missiles poses a major threat to almost all American, allied and partner bases, airstrips, ports and military installations in the Western Pacific.”,d_placeholder_euli9k,h_675,w_1200,x_0,y_0/dpr_2.0/c_limit,w_740/fl_lossy,q_auto/v1493050409/articles/2012/03/08/the-arabs-spring-turns-cold/arab-spring-tunisia_oisguh

After devastating the Middle East through sanctions, warfare, and the backing of extremists to fight proxy wars, the Indo-Pacific region – not the Middle East – is now the Pentagon’s “priority” region.

The USA now has its eye on a number of key locations in the Indo-Pacific region, in which he would be looking to invest “more time and resources into certain regions we haven’t been to in the past.”

While it is not so apparent what those regions or locations are, there are some glaring possibilities that come to mind, including Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and even some of the smaller Pacific Island nations less known to the US public such as Palau.

With smaller nations like Palau, it is likely the USA would not even have to blink in order to utilize the location to combat China.

Palau is a likely candidate, given the Western media has already applauded its “standing up to a giant” over the Taiwan question.

If anyone is still wondering why the Indo-Pacific region has all of a sudden become a “priority theater,” it should be all but clear at this stage. It’s a priority for the USA because America is on the verge of being shunted out completely.

All empires come to an end. That is an indisputable aspect of our history. Whether or not all empires will continue to fall in future of course remains to be seen, but generally speaking we base all future predictions on the back of previous experiences.

How far an empire wants to bring the house down in order to avoid being overtaken by a rising power is also something which we would need to account for. The USA has a lot of nukes and is slowly but surely propagating the notion that they might use them.

And not just in situations when a nuclear strike is necessary to defend against another nuclear strike – just because, hey, if we are going down, we will take down the rest of the planet with us?

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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Tupolev 144
Tupolev 144
26-12-21 23:19

And now what?

Tupolev 144
Tupolev 144
Reply to  Tupolev 144
26-12-21 23:20

Taking it to the next level?