The Wall Street Journal reported that China is apparently reluctant to hold any trade negotiations with the USA under the current circumstances as it said it would not talk under pressure, even though it did not completely forgo the negotiations.

Washington should first “show sincerity” in its desire to resolve the trading dispute. “China is not going to negotiate with a gun pointed to its head,” China could instead stop supplying some vital materials to US firms.

Trump greenlights tariffs on about $200 billion more in Chinese products – reports

Beijing has already vowed to respond in kind if Washington slaps it with any more import taxes. However, now it is also reported that China could limit the sales of materials, equipment and spare parts to the USA as part of retaliatory measures.

Trump reportedly green lighted additional import duties on Chinese goods worth about $200 billion. China, meanwhile, vowed to impose commensurate tariffs on $60 billion in US goods and take some other unspecified measures in response.

The USA has already slapped China with 25% tariffs on goods worth $50 billion, prompting Beijing to respond in kind. The trade war has been provoked by what Trump sees as a trade imbalance. / ABC Flash Point Trade News 2018.

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