China has carried out naval military exercises in the South China Sea, in response to Western hostilities in its territorial waters. Australia, France and the USA have deployed warships to the contested economic zones.

The Chinese simulated aerial attacks in an unspecified region of the disputed South China Sea. The naval forces used three target drones making flyovers of a ship formation at varying heights in the area.

Beijing, which claims over 90% of the South China Sea, regularly conduct drills in the waterway to assert its sovereignty over the hotly-contested mineral-rich region.

The USA has constantly accused China of militarizing the region. Beijing, however, denies the allegations, saying any military activities in the South China Sea are aimed at improving its defense capabilities.

Beijing accuses Washington of interfering in regional issues and deliberately stirring up tensions. Last month, a US Navy destroyer sailed through the country’s territorial waters without any permission, and prompted Beijing to scramble its fighter jets and ships to the area.

The Chinese government the slammed the US move as a “provocation” and an infringement of China’s sovereignty. China has repeatedly warned Washington against sending warships to patrol the South China Sea.

PressTV / AA Magnum Flash Point Military News 2018.

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El Palito
El Palito
19-04-21 02:37

As it should be instead of sailing through the Gulf of Mexico claiming freedom of navigation?