Since 2013 China has been creating 55 billion tons of artificial rain per year. The country is now embarking on its biggest rainmaking project ever in order to make it rain over an area three times the size of Spain.

In order to protect China’s economy, Beijing uses modern techniques of weather engineering to accomplish their goals and keep their downstream river communities supplied with much needed water.

According to media reports, Beijing will use new military weather-altering technology developed by the state-owned China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. The country plans to build tens of thousands of combustion chambers on Tibetan mountain sides.

More than 500 burners have been deployed on alpine slopes in Tibet, Xinjiang and other areas for experimental use. Sometimes snow would start falling almost immediately after igniting the chamber. 

The Tibetan plateau is vital to the water supply for much of China and a large area of Asia. Its glaciers and reservoirs feed the Yellow, Yangtze, Mekong, and other major rivers that flow through China, India, Nepal, and other countries.

Sprayed from planes, the particles will provide something for passing water vapor to condense around, forming clouds. Those clouds will bring the rain. A single cloud-seeding chamber could create a strip of clouds covering a 5 km area.

Rainmaking is also a popular way to “clean up” air in China, where heavy smog is a big problem for many cities. Beijing has a “development plan” for weather modification until 2020. / Crickey Conservation Society 2018.

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Prins van Oranje
Prins van Oranje
07-09-20 19:42

Weather Engineering?