The Chinese has build a new hospital, specifically to treat those infected with corona-virus in Wuhan, China. Astonishingly, the large medical facility was constructed in less than two weeks.

The 25,000-square-meter Huoshenshan Hospital, one of two new facilities commissioned in response to the corona-virus outbreak, is scheduled to begin operations on Monday.

The hospital is something of a marvel of engineering, with construction having begun a little more than a week ago. Diggers were photographed on January 24 clearing the ground where the hospital now sits.

An aerial time-lapse of the construction project shows how a huge area was cleared almost instantly, with the hospital seemingly emerging from the ground overnight.

The virus, which began in Wuhan, has killed more than 300 people across China. Having spread to 22 countries, there are now 14,000 reported corona-virus cases worldwide.

A man in the Philippines died of the virus on Sunday, marking the first confirmed corona-virus death outside China.

RT. com / ABC flash Point News 2020.

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Rich Gallo
02-02-20 10:21

Well one thing for sure It wasn’t a United States Union job or worse a United States government job or U.S. City job . If it was it would be at least another 5 years or more to get it done along with ridiculous cost overruns like Boston MA BIG DIG that cost every tax payer in every state in the United States