G7 financial markets avoided a threatened crisis September 28 when the Bank of England announced £45 billion of emergency government bond purchases.

That amounts to an emergency easing of monetary policy after months of coordinated rate hikes by most of the world’s Rothschild central banks.


The British central bank, the world’s second oldest, had no choice: Plummeting bond prices threatened the forced liquidation of British government bonds bought with borrowed money by financial institutions.

A margin call in the market for UK government bonds, or gilts, would have disrupted the orderly financing of supposedly safe assets and triggered a forced liquidation of positions across markets, similar to – if not on the scale of – the 2008 world financial crisis.

Asia Times / ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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01-10-22 10:58

Honest American Economic strategists and financiers have been saying for years that no lessons have been learned after the last banking collapse they just continued the same economic policies of money printing that has made the US dollar and Government Bonds worthless and US government debt of over $30 Trillion . Now the same has occurred in the UK thanks to the same worthless strategies of money printing and in the UK the same massive build up in debt -none of the two countrysides give a damn for the poor-old or sick as long as US Big Business makes $Trillions… Read more »

Tawanda Chatikobo
Tawanda Chatikobo
Reply to  Donnchadh
01-10-22 12:52

Bank accounts will probably by tied up to the new Digital passport, no escape route left open for Joe Public?

Reply to  Tawanda Chatikobo
01-10-22 16:53

Thats the aim of the World banking system controlled by Zionists remove the ability of the common man from having direct access to his cash- removing local banks- removing cash machines -reducing staff so that everything is transacted online and can be directly controlled . Public not happy with its government comes out in protest ?? – make it hard to get your money by digital means — put the public into debt so that it conforms to what the government wants as the public have to pay back a mortgage- loan- goods bought on installments and they dont want… Read more »