Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced in Brussels that Canada will lead a new NATO mission in Iraq.

In a press release, Trudeau’s office said Canadian troops “will be deployed to Baghdad and the vicinity” starting in the autumn of 2018 and running for a year.

Canadian troops are already deployed to Iraq as part of Operation Impact, the Canadian Armed Forces’ contribution to Operation Inherent Resolve.

The CAF are providing assistance to part of the Iraqi security forces, and mobile teams are helping the NATO counter-improved explosive device capacity building effort for Iraqi forces.

As part of this mission, up to 250 Canadian Armed Forces members will join partner countries in ‘helping’ Iraq build a more Western-style oriented security structure to secure the large confiscated oil deposits, for capitalist corporations to profit from.

Trudeau’s government has sought to expand Canada’s global activity, including by deploying troops to the UN mission in the Sahel. A ‘defense’ policy released last year will increase Canada’s defense budget more than 70% by 2026.

The Defense Post / ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.

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Another Five Eyes member?