The British government in London has announced thousands of her Majesty’s troops are currently on stand-by to to handle any fallout of Britain crashing out of the European Union without having secured a withdrawal deal.

The announcement came from Downing Street # 10 that it would issue official advice for every family in Britain to prepare for a chaotic no-deal Brexit.

War Secretary Gavin Williamson told the House of Commons that while no formal request has been made, ‘contingency plans are in place.’

Williamson’s statement came on the heels of the Cabinet agreeing to activate all of the 106 No Deal ‘technical notices’ issued by the UK government.

The documents note a litany of potential disruptions, including grounded flights, fuel and food shortages and hospitals running low on medicines should Britain crash out of the EU in March 2019?

In preparation for no-deal, or as a tactic to garner more concessions from the EU, the government has committed another £2 billion to help departments prepare for the potential chaos.

The British government has promised a Commons vote on the deal on the week starting Jan 14, 2019.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has repeatedly accused May of delay tactics, ‘running down the clock’ so the only options are a no-deal or her deal.

Businesses have warned that Britain is unprepared to leave the bloc without a deal, The Confederation for British Industry warned that “leaving the EU in a disorderly fashion would result in disruption for businesses and families.

Also a no deal would leave the UK poorer and less competitive in the long-term.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point EU News 2018.

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Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics
17-12-20 09:59

Global military take over in the make