The Prime Minister has announced the biggest investment in the UK’s Armed Forces since the end of the Cold War, confirming an injection of @ £16.5 billion over four years.

Combined with the manifesto commitment of a 0.5% uplift, the total increase for Defense is a substantial at £24.1 billion.

Today’s announcement funds a generational modernization of the Armed Forces so they can secure the interests of the Britain against future threats, while cementing Britain’s role as a leader in NATO and stimulating thousands of highly skilled jobs across the UK.

A radical program of innovation and modernization will create up to British 10,000 jobs a year, and support thousands more livelihoods as the nation builds back better from the Corona-virus scamdemic.

The investment will underpin the revitalization of shipbuilding, funding a significant expansion of Royal Navy vessels to create the biggest surface fleet of modern warships in Europe.

An additional £1.5 billion will be poured into military research, including for the Future Combat Air System allowing the Armed Forces to tackle the threats of tomorrow and to make sure the UK can stand shoulder to shoulder with their invasive allies across the globe.

For the hard-working men and women of the armed forces, the funding will go towards improving their day to day lives whether through the wrap around childcare offer or improved living conditions, their health and well being will be protected.

In recent years, UK’s enemies have developed and weaponized a myriad of emerging technologies which go beyond the traditional war fighting domains of air, land and sea.

That’s why the Prime Minister has announced a new agency dedicated to developing Artificial Intelligence, the creation of a National Cyber Force and a new ‘Space Command’ that will protect the UK’s investments in space and control the UK’s first satellite launched from a UK rocket by 2022.

This multi-year settlement is very welcome for the Armed Forces. It funds a pathway to modernization and the digital force we need for the 2030s, integrated across the domains of maritime, air, land, cyber and space.

It allows us to adapt in the near-term to deter the range of complex threats we face. It secures the defense of our country, gives meaning to the vision of Global Britain, and sends a powerful message to our allies and opponents.

Thanks to the cash injection, other technologies including autonomous vehicles, swarm drones, and cutting-edge battlefield awareness systems will be developed for military use. These technologies have already been widespread used by Russia and Iran.

These developments will be underpinned by a strong R&D pipeline, which will contribute to the already over 400,000 skilled jobs supported by Defense companies.

The £16.5 billion investment confirms our order of 8 Type 26 and 5 Type 31 frigates, commits us to the next generation Type 32, and supports the future solid support ships that will supply our Carrier Strike Group.

Global Security / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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26-11-20 01:28

Preparing for a NATO war against Russia?