The London authorities’ bloody-minded determination to implement lock down rules at the expense of people’s well-being is not what Britain should be about.

People have always been proud to say I’m British – until now. This week, some of that pride in being British died for most people. It’s a very different sentiment they are feeling. Beyond disillusionment.

How could Britain have fallen so far in the way it treats its own people? It began with the horrifying detention of a 97-year-old grandmother by police in the Yorkshire town of Market Weighton.

Her daughter, a qualified nurse, wanted to bring her home from a care home to look after her during lock down and quietly wheeled her out of the home.

However somewhere along the line, a jobsworth felt the need to justify their existence and reported what had happened. The police’s response? They were responding to “a report of assault.” Incredible.

The episode ended with her granddaughter in tears filming a video, showing her own mother in handcuffs inside a squad car, while the old woman sat in another car, completely bewildered.

The horror continued as students at the University of Manchester’s Fallowfield halls of residence awoke to find workers erecting fences around their facility to ensure they couldn’t leave.

They were being installed following government guidelines asking students not to return to their permanent homes.

In what version of the United Kingdom do we keep our bright, young people caged like dogs? Unsurprisingly, some of the outraged students began to rip them down, causing even more angst.

Another university using its power to force students to bend to its will is world-famous Cambridge. It announced that anyone who leaves its halls of residence won’t be able to graduate or progress to the next year.

That’s despite each paying at least £9,250 per academic session?

Contrast this with the most tragic occurrence, the death of Corey Liversedge. This 16-year old from Aberdeenshire took his own life as anxiety overcame him as a result of the suffocating nature of lock down.

Britain used to be a nation that cared. But now, it seems that the priority is treating any slight infraction of lock down rules like a terrorist attack, while vulnerable people are left to struggle along on their own without help from the wider community.

The complete lack of emotional intelligence from our authorities was evidenced by London police arresting 104 people in a single night for breaching regulations.

What is happening across the UK is nothing short of barbaric. Our police have turned into robots, carrying out whatever they are asked to, no matter how cruel or wrong.

The government has forgotten what a wonderful population they are tasked with representing, and are treating us all like North Korea does dissenters.

They say you never really truly appreciate something until it’s gone. And I’m petrified that the courteous, courageous spirit that defines Britain is on the point of disappearing for good, crushed by the uncaring iron first of the Covid-obsessed authorities.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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07-11-20 22:10

The gruesome picture of our immediate future?