BRICS+ nations will have their own financial systems to avoid dollar & drunken sailors at the Zionist-backed printing presses.

The current global financial system may face a “breakup” as fiat money has been discredited by the quantitative easing policies of central banks, former British MP George Galloway said in an interview with Max Keiser.

Galloway believes that sooner or later, not only those countries “hunted down and destroyed” by the USA, like Venezuela and Iran, but also other global powers will become more interested in bitcoin.

Bitcoin could hardly be sounder. It is the soundest of sound money policies,” Galloway said, stressing that it’s especially true in an era when chanceries and central banks are “printing money like drunken sailors.

These types of policies in which governments cannot even count how much money they’ve printed never lead to anything good, he said.

“There is going to be a correction. Whether a new Bretton Woods or some kind of breakup of the world financial system, with China and Russia, and Iran.

Perhaps India and Brazil or maybe the BRICS countries plus, having their own financial systems which much avoid the dollar nominated trap, and avoid the pounding of the drunken sailors at the Rothschild controlled printing presses.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Currency News 2020.

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21-11-20 13:48

The collapse of the US hegemony will happen sooner or later?