The Microsoft co-founder has never had any illusions about digital money, having previously expressed concern about it being decentralized and thus poorly protected against illicit financial schemes.

Bill Gates has hinted that he is no fan of bitcoin and other digital assets, pointing out in a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal. However, he recently didn’t fully rule out using it in his foundation’s transactions.

The way cryptocurrency works today allows for certain criminal activities. It’d be good to get rid of that. His vision of the crypto-money seems to have softened to a great extent over time, as back in 2018, the tech mogul was explicitly skeptical about the future of the coin.

As MarketWatch put it in its story, the comments from the Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist do not necessarily imply that he is himself not a bitcoin enthusiast, but suggest that he sees cryptocurrencies as being prone to be used by fraudsters in money-laundering schemes, for instance.

Prices of the blockchain-based cryptocurrency skyrocketed to above $52,000 on Thursday, reaching a new historic high, and have gained nearly 80% so far in 2021, whereas the start of the year saw gold, an asset that bitcoin is often pit against as a rival “safe haven”, go down 6.4%.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Crypto-Currency News 2021.

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Gio Con
Gio Con
19-02-21 22:38

This sociopath, who is a danger to humanity, is worried his ill gotten gains will decrease in value. Boo hoo. Scary that one person can cause extinction with his billions and loopy ideas on lowering the worlds temperature through upper atmosphere manipulation.

10-05-21 17:44

Its better to get rid of him?