Far-left ultra-elite globalist billionaire’s Bill Gates and George Soros have joined forces to control and dominate the Covid-19 industry.

The quiet launch of a new venture combining a George Soros group with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation should send chills down the spines of everyone who knows just how evil these two men really are.

On the surface, these things never are. But it does not take a conspiratorial mind to realize one of the biggest incentives for globalists in their quest to make Covid-19 vaccinations ubiquitous across the globe.

With Big Pharma’s reluctance to focus on underdeveloped third-world-countries when the demand for tests and vaccines is already so high in richer countries, this move expedites the globalists’ push to hit the whole globe.

More tests means more cases. More cases means more fear. More fear means more demand for vaccines. This new “small” investment of $41 million will go a very long way towards achieving their goals.

One might wonder why they would come out with this in the open. That’s part of the narcissism inherent in the globalist elites.

They want it known in the future that they’re the ones who outsmarted the whole world. They want it all documented. They need it documented.

The globalist dynamic duo has finally come together. But don’t judge the financial size of this move. Consider what is happening behind the scenes and have your tinfoil hats ready.

News Punch.com / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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22-07-21 08:29

Evil joining more evil?