Hundreds of troops from Belgium, and beyond, have now thoroughly searched a vast area in the country where a fugitive soldier armed with highly dangerous weapons is believed to be hiding. However, no trace of him has been found.

A well-trained sniper from the Belgian army, Jurgen Conings, who has combat experience in several war zones including Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon, disappeared on Monday.

Having reportedly left life-threatening notes to several top officials, the 46-year-old man is believed to have taken several anti-tank missiles, a sub-machine gun and a handgun with an ability to pierce bulletproof vests from his unit’s ammunition depot. He himself is believed to be wearing the vest.

The federal prosecutor’s office has been investigating him for “attempted murder and illegal possession of weapons in a terrorist context,” the VRT broadcaster reported. Authorities also believe the suspect has not been “acting on impulse,” but is rather well-prepared.

Throughout the week, some 400 Belgian troops, from both the army and the police, have been rigorously searching the Hoge Kempen National Park in the Belgian province of Limburg.

Helicopters, armored cars and trucks were deployed for the manhunt, while hundreds searched the nature reserve meter by meter equipped with thermal cameras.

Forces from Germany and the Netherlands have been mobilized, as the area where Conings is believed to be hiding borders these countries. Dutch special units are also on standby on their side of the border in case the man tries to cross.

A number of mosques in the Limburg province have closed, local media reported, due to the heavily armed man’s known far-right extremist views.

Police have been listening through phone calls and looking at CCTV camera footage, but Conings seems to be completely disconnected from the world. His girlfriend appealed to Conings on local television, asking him to “make sure it stops” and not to hurt anyone.

Earlier, a car belonging to the suspect was found. The military man, who had also been training other soldiers for foreign missions, has reportedly booby-trapped his vehicle with four rocket launchers inside.

A grenade with a set of wires linking it to the car’s doors are said to have been discovered. There have also been reports that Conings left his service medals on his parents’ grave, with sources suggesting he did it on Tuesday.

The trained soldier also reportedly made threatening notes to the country’s Defense Minister Ludivine Dedonder who is now under extra protection.

You trained me to become who I am, I am now going to use that against you,” the fugitive sniper reportedly wrote.

He is also said to have threatened Belgium’s chief virologist Marc Van Ranst, now in charge of anti-Covid-19 measures, and has been seen in the vicinity of the official’s home.

He’s been preparing for his action for days, and it turns out that he was effectively close to his target on Monday night, staying [near Van Ranst’s house] for more than two hours,” Minister of Justice Vincent Van Quickenborne said.

As of Saturday morning, no signs of Conings appear to have been found, and local media reported they had been moved further away from the command post.

They also said a major column of military vehicles had left the area, with only a small police presence remaining, however it is yet unclear whether search efforts are being relocated.

Meanwhile, the evasive terrorist suspect has been gaining popularity on social media.

Facebook groups with thousands of members openly support Conings, while a petition has been launched on a popular platform to “let Jurgen live.

Belgium’s Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden has criticized such sympathy. “People who make him a hero, or a Rambo character or a movie hero, they are mistaken, I think that man is indeed dangerous and has very much dangerous intentions.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2021.

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22-05-21 17:56

I am a veteran.. I am deeply angry myself about the Davos run ”Great Reset” and C19 Hoax which destroying our very lives and world we used to live ,and grew up in, also destroying our kids future ,freedom and changing our democratic way int some ”medical fascism” which I never will accept.. Soon we old Vets will stand up for our kids future.. And yes the man is a HERO..!!

Reply to  AnunaRebel
23-05-21 07:55

If people were not so stupid and coward, it would all end without a trace of violence and with a good laugh. Slimy slaves and tyrants, only their situation makes the difference.

Quentin Holt
Quentin Holt
22-05-21 17:57

Soldiers are trained and ordered to kill and destroy. Then they come home and are ordered not to kill and destroy. This mans behavior suggests he’s a bit confused at the moment. I hope he surrenders before he hurts anybody. He served his country even if his governments decisions were wrong.

Reply to  Quentin Holt
22-05-21 18:01

The real story is he probably got tired of being a puppet and being used to suppress his own people, but once he decided he wouldn’t do it they needed to vilify him before he has a chance of making a difference and giving people hope.

22-05-21 18:00

This is how effective rent a cops are going up against someone with military training. “but Conings seems to be completely disconnected from the world,” – you mean disconnected from all your spying devices. Now the cops actually have to work for a living. It’s not clear from the article why he is up for “attempted murder” charges when he hasn’t attempted to murder anyone? All he has done is leave some threatening letters, I was not aware that writing stuff down is now considered “attempted murder”? Anyways, it’s a bit early to say if he is a good guy… Read more »

Reply to  LordWabbit
23-05-21 08:16

rent a cops … great expression.
When the NAZIs took over Antwerp in 1940, the next day 90% of the police corps was proactively helping the Gestapo, to dig out the Jews and put them on the transports.
I remind them of this fact, every time I see one handing out a ticket … but I stay polite.

Slaves will be tyrants. Never bow, never accept anyone to bow to you. Deep respect is recognising yourself in the other.

23-05-21 08:11

In Belgium it is a huge joke with videos, tricked photos and cartoons pumping into the social media from all sides. At the start of the ’80s we had Pierre Carette with his Cellules Communistes Combattantes – CCC – who held up police and army for months with 17 bombings of financial institutions – taking great care not to make victims. 1 firemen was killed in the last bombing, because someone had told him a few seconds before the explosion, that a person was left behind. Slimy slave … With his pamphlets and fireworks he wanted to draw the attention… Read more »