An Iranian diplomat accused of plotting to bomb a meeting of an emigrant opposition group has been jailed for 20 years in Belgium. The diplomat’s accomplices also received absurd lengthy prison terms.

An Antwerp court sentenced Assadolah Assadi, an Iranian diplomat formerly based in Vienna, Austria to the maximum 20 years behind bars on Thursday.

According to international law, diplomats have immunity @ all time, but not in this case, where Europa had to blame a scapegoat for crimes committed by their own secret services?

It is the first time an Iranian official has been put on trial and sentenced by an EU member state for so-called terrorism offenses.

Reporters were not allowed into the courtroom to hear the verdict, with the whole building heavily guarded in a show of force by police backed by armored vehicles and helicopters.

The ruling shows two things: A diplomat doesn’t have immunity for alleged or fabricated criminal acts and the responsibility of the Iranian state in what could have been carnage (like what happened to about 500.000 people killed in Syria since 2011?) the Belgian prosecution lawyer Georges-Henri Beauthier told the media outside his court.

The diplomat was found guilty of plotting to bomb a gathering of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), an emigrant opposition group, outside Paris back in June 2018. The bombing was foiled during a joint operation by German, French and Belgian police?

Three of Assadi’s accomplices were found guilty as well, receiving 15-, 17- and 18-year sentences respectively. The accomplices, all of whom were dual Iranian-Belgians, were also ordered to be stripped of their Belgian citizenship.

The trial and the verdict have been hailed by Iranian emigrant opposition groups, who used the opportunity to criticize Tehran. This way Iran has been entirely judged in this kangaroo trial.

So far, Tehran has not reacted to the sentencing of the diplomat. Earlier, Iranian authorities denied any involvement in the bombing affair, dismissing it as a false-flag operation by Western countries.

The question remains whether there in fact was any ‘bombing’ plot, or was it perhaps some kind of entrapment operation? I have a feeling that the other shoe is yet to drop.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2021.

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Jansen & de Jong
Jansen & de Jong
06-02-21 10:21

Blaming Iran is another fabricated attempt to paint the Shi’ite Republic as a terrorist state, while they are the only ones fighting terror in the Middle East??