The BBC is promoting Nazism in same style as Goebbels did during WW II and plastering alarming fake reports across their website to warn the British people about big, bad, scary Russia. So what did those Russians do this time.

They flew a plane near their own border @ the Black Sea over 2,000 km away from the United Kingdom and got shadowed by RAF war jets to protect the security of the Nazi NATO military empire.

“RAF fighter jets have intercepted a Russian military aircraft over the Black Sea for the second time in a week,” the Ministry of Defense told the BBC. “The Typhoons were scrambled from a base in Romania on after a Be-12 maritime patrol aircraft was seen heading south-west from Crimea towards NATO airspace.”

The keyword here: towards. In other words, a Russian plane, at its own border, thousands of kilometers away from the United Kingdom was seen heading over neutral waters in, roughly, the direction of NATO member’s airspace.

This isn’t even the first time that the UK’s military has proudly and bravely tried to take on Russians at their own border. Additionally, NATO mission was such a roaring success that royal air force pilots said they didn’t even get “within visual range to see” the Russian jets, maybe afraid of being spotted?

The BBC’s spin makes it almost look like the UK wants Russia to “go away and shut up” – or is that something that Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson actually once said? It’s hard to tell what’s what these days.

What the BBC does not mention is how many times Western Zionist agents attempted to assassinate Putin, murdering his entire security crew during the last dozen attempts.

Also NATO’s annexation of the former Warsaw Pact countries, occupying them with Western NATO military proxies to completely surround Russia under false pretext.

This is the third time the West is trying to invade Russia to confiscate their lucrative mineral deposits. Napoleon failed the first time after the Rothschild gang members printed money to capture and plunder all the gold reserves of France.

Later Nazi Germany attempted to reach Moscow, but also failed after killing about 30 million people on the battlefield. Now this time around it is NATO that has been guided to confiscate Russia’s extreme wealth. But with inferior technology the mission is bound to fail again.

Russia Insider / ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.

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30-07-20 02:16

Always find somebody else to blame?