Nearly a third of Australian homes now have solar panels — the highest rate in the world! Combined, the power from these homes eclipses Australia’s biggest coal plant!

In fact, families are generating so much solar power that some coal and gas plants are having to switch off in order to avoid overloading the grid.

Over in Italy, leaders voted to amend the constitution so it includes the protection of the environment and animals, outlawing private industries from having a negative impact on their climate!

We’re excited to see how this historic move benefits delicate Aussie ecosystems! Now the question is, when will the rest of the world follow suit?

Across the Atlantic in Iceland, commercial whaling will FINALLY become a thing of the past starting in 2024! When whales are hunted to the point of extinction, marine life completely destabilizes, threatening every species in the food chain.

Iceland’s decision is a clear no-brainer. Japan… it’s your turn.

And finally, in Washington state, six years of unrelenting public pressure and a heated court battle put a stop to a new refinery that would’ve become the state’s top climate polluter!

The project was slated to consume more fracked gas per day than all of Washington’s gas power plants combined.

Crickey Conservation Society / ABC Flash-Point News 2022.

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Blurring Memory
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