The Victorian government in Australia are to debate a new bill in the State Parliament which would give authorities sweeping powers to forcibly detain “high risk” Corona-virus spreaders.

Under proposed new bill, police could preemptively lock up those they believe “might” violate Covid-19 lock-down measures.


People who refuse to self-isolate face being detained under a proposed new law in Victoria, Australia.

Anyone deemed as high risk by health authorities could be forcibly detained under the draconian new powers, including conspiracy theorists and anti-lock down protesters along with their close contacts.

A state government spokesman said the rule could be applied to conspiracy theorists who refuse to self-isolate or severely drug-affected or mentally impaired people who do not have the capacity to quarantine.

Those detained could then be placed in quarantine facilities, such as hotels, where they can be monitored by authorities.

Last weekend police fined 200 people and made 74 arrests during an anti-lock down protest in Melbourne. Could this bill lead to the mass-forced quarantining of similar anti-lock down protesters?

Will the legislation result in anti-lock down protesters being deemed “high risk” of spreading the virus, resulting in the forced detainment and mandatory quarantining of their family members, work colleagues, and close friends?

News Punch/ ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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Prins van Oranje
30-09-20 19:43

Pilot project for the global Corona lock downs?