One of the world’s most polluting industries has entered a new era, now that the aviation sector can no longer operate the way they used to, because of their horrible carbon footprint.

One average the airline passenger contributes 10 times the amount of carbon (3 kg p/km) into the air, compared to driving a V-8 car (300 gr p/km). To cover their actions, the aviation business has not been included into the so-called, but fake Paris Climate Agreements.

So now the airline industry is forced to adjust their profit sucking interests before the alternative media rings the bells to wake up their hypnotized co-polluting victims and climate change co-conspirators.

ATR expects an 80% increase in the size of the 30- to 90 seat turboprop fleet over the next 20 years, meaning the industry will require 3.020 aircraft to cover replacement and growth needs.

At the end of 2017, 2.260 turboprops operated in service, including out-of-production types. ATR predicts that number will rise to 4.060 in 2037. The Asia-Pacific region will lead the world’s turboprop requirement at 740 new aircraft, followed by Latin America at 420, the forecast projects.

ATR expects traffic growth in turboprop market to be 30% of new routes over the next 20 years. There is a potential for 2.770 routes over that period, particularly in India, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Central- and South America and China.

In the USA many communities have been losing service. Around 400 routes in the USA have disappeared over the past 10 years. However, ATR believes there will be more opportunities for “boutique style” airlines to create air links, and turboprops will work well for this.

Beyond the commercial passenger airline, ATR presented the freighter market forecast, where the ATR 42 fits into the 5-ton category and the ATR 72 fits in the 8-ton category.

AIN Online / ABC Flash Point Aviation News 2018.

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