Never before, entire cities descended into darkness as a massive, first-of-its-kind blackout swept across Argentina and Uruguay on Sunday morning. Officials say, the unexplained calamity will take up to eight hours to fix.

Alejandra Martinez, a spokesperson for the Buenos Aires-based electricity supplier company Edesur, told local media that Argentina suffered a “nationwide” blackout, which also affected neighboring Uruguay.$zoom_0.2648%2C$multiply_0.7554%2C$ratio_1.777778%2C$width_1059%2C$x_0%2C$y_109/t_crop_custom/q_86%2Cf_auto/t_theage_no_label_social_wm/l_text:PT%20Sans_41_bold_italic:%20from%20%2Cg_south_west%2Cy_84%2Cx_384%2Cco_rgb:0a1633/l_text:PT%20Sans_41_bold:%20%20%2Cg_south_west%2Cy_90%2Cx_471%2Cco_rgb:0a1633/l_text:AbrilTitling-Bold.ttf_83:%202019%20%2Cg_south_west%2Cy_15%2Cx_370%2Cco_rgb:0a1633/8789c9f20ff7d2a82732b1e8d8b140f42179dc7f

The company had earlier explained that the massive power outage happened due to a failure in the electrical interconnection system. The blackout itself started at 7:07 AM local time on Sunday, according to Argentinian officials.

Argentina’s Civil Protection Minister Daniel Russo estimated that it will take between six and eight hours to fully restore power in the country of over 44 million.

Being a suspicious person by training and by nature. It would seem to me that this is more than just a coincidence.

Makes me wonder if Argentina, Brazil and Chile are starting to change their support away from Juan Guaido. Or at least not toe the American line on Venezuela any more!

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Latin News 2019.

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