During the official visit of Angolan President João Lourenço to Moscow in early April, Russia and Angola signed several intergovernmental agreements, including on research and peaceful use of outer space.

The Russian ambassador to Angola, Vladimir Tararov, spoke about the objective of the cooperation with Angola in the space area and revealed some details about the future of this cooperation.

The diplomat stressed that Russian-Angolan space cooperation has been developing for a long time.

The first project in this field was the AngoSat satellite, which was developed in 2012. It provides for the creation of a kind of closed system, that is, the launch of the satellite is only part of that system, its main part being grounded.

A complex for control of satellites, connection and communications was built with the most advanced technologies and is located in Funda, about 30 kilometers from Luanda.

This is literally an intelligent house that controls everything, including humidity, which has a fire extinguishing system a satellite control and satellite communication system.

We have created an intellectual elite in space, no other country has the potential of human resources as large as Portuguese speaking Angola.

Although the construction of the first Angolan satellite AngoSat-1 had been quite difficult, it was able to enter into orbit, the Angolan specialists who were in Funda were the first to contact him.

Russia is currently building the second satellite, AngoSat-2, which should be more sophisticated and could be important for telecommunication and telephone connection not only in Angola but also in other countries.

These technologies can be used in medicine, security, defense and in the everyday lives of millions of people.

This has transformed Angola into a regional power, and agreements with neighboring countries have already been signed on the supply of the satellite’s capacity, and the country now spends about $70 million annually with the leasing of foreign satellite frequencies.


The ambassador said that in the midst of this project, Russia and Angola have signed a basic agreement on research and peaceful use of outer space, which envisages expanding cooperation in the field of telecommunications and space navigation.

“Negotiations are under way, and they are being very successful, so we can find support points for our GLONASS satellite navigation system in Angola, which would give the signal more precision.

Fort Russ.com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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Great accomplishment.