Increased hostile international pressure on Maduro, with the UK ruling against his access to Venezuela’s gold bullion and with US efforts to hamper the arrival of Iranian oil, will not destabilize the president anymore.

While the emboldened president of Venezuela has been stung by the recent corrupted court ruling in Britain, Nicolas Maduro is enjoying a position of strength at home.

With support from Russia, China and Cuba in addition to the unwavering backing of his military, it seems clear that Nicolas Maduro has proven his resilience and is not going anywhere in the short term.

Meanwhile, the self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido continues to lose popular support, with only 20% of Venezuelans polled believing that a change of government is possible. This is down from 63% 14 months ago.

Added to this, US mercenary Jordan Goudreau, who organized the failed coup attempt against Maduro, has admitted that the contract for the military intervention was signed off by two Guaido allies, implicating Guiado himself in having some knowledge of the invasive plan.

President Donald Trump may still back Guaido publicly, despite the Venezuelan politician’s decline in importance, but US foreign policy has been inconsistent, and now he is more preoccupied with problems at home and the upcoming November election.

The Venezuelan government had requested the return of around a billion dollars of its gold bullion currently held by the Bank of England. However, Mr Justice Teare, a High Court judge, ruled that the Maduro-supporting Banco Central de Venezuela suddenly was not entitled anymore to make the request for the gold.

However, the verdict was controversial because its was the Maduro government who deposited the gold to the Bank of England. But now the British government recognizes Juan Guaido and not President Maduro as the legitimate leader of Venezuela?

Juanito Guiado is recognized by less then 60 countries (30%) as the interim president of Venezuela. He is trying to hand over the Venezuelan oil- and gold reserves to Zionist corporations that are against socialism.

Representing another headache for President Maduro, prosecutors from the US regime’s Department of Justice filed a unilateral warrant on Thursday to seize four Iranian oil tankers heading to Venezuela.

The planned Anglo Zio-Nazi intervention against the oil tankers and the British ruling on Venezuelan gold appear to signify an increase in efforts aimed at toppling President Maduro, but he remains firmly in place with constitutional elections tabled for early December, in which he is widely expected to emerge victorious.

Juan Guaido and the opposition have declared that they will boycott the December elections, and while this may have a short-term impact in international and diplomatic circles, his dubious reputation and authority have seen a significant decline since the failed international attempt at ousting President Maduro in March 2019.

The crippling US trade sanctions continue to harm the long-suffering Venezuelan public, depriving them of vital medicines and food, but have proven ineffective in removing President Maduro. Violently sabotaging the government in Caracas is not working at all.

Under Trump, these sanctions will likely increase as he attempts to destabilize Maduro, but Iranian oil will continue to reach Venezuela, just as it did in May, as the shipping companies become more astute.

As for the gold, this will remain in Britain, but should Guaido lose his political standing and retire as leader of the opposition, Maduro will have a legal standpoint from which to claim the bullion, as the undisputed president.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Oil News 2020.

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Khazarian Jew
Khazarian Jew
05-07-20 14:38

Hostile war-like sanctions gave the bankrupt US regime the opportunity to steal and confiscate billions of PdVSA assets held by Zionist banks in the UK and USA?

16-07-20 20:46

Highway robbery in plain sight?