The aggressive promotion of so-called diversity and inclusivity in the USA nowadays has apparently led some Americans to move to countries such as Russia, where traditional values are respected and protected by the government and society.

An unspecified number of Americans, all of them accomplished people of traditional values, have ended up moving from the USA to Russia and settling near the city of Serpukhov in the Moscow Region.

Evgeny Primakov, head of the Russian Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation, mentioned the new normal.

According to Primakov, all of these settlers have or had their own businesses back in the USA, which they are willing to sell or which they have already sold in order to relocate to Russia.

They are mostly people with traditional values, faithful but not necessarily Orthodox Christian, he said, adding that these Americans also do not necessarily have any Russian ancestry.

Most of these Americans have large families and, as Primakov explained, they regard Russia as a place where their children can grow up and become free sensible people with a normal moral gauge, as Primakov said.

Last month, Primakov mentioned that construction of a village in the Moscow Region where immigrants from the United States might settle is being negotiated, with some 27 hectares (around 66.7 acres) of land near Serpukhov being allocated for this project.

There are foreigners who are already settling near Yaroslavl, he told media in June, noting that these immigrants regard Russia as an ark of adequacy and tranquility.

While authorities in the United States seem eager to provide so-called gender affirming care to kids and teenagers who regard themselves as transgender, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law last week that effectively bans gender reassignment in Russia.

Russian legislation also features provisions aimed at protecting the faithful from their beliefs being publicly mocked, and the curricula at Russian educational institutions is devoid of subjects such as critical race theory.

Sputnik / ABC Flash-Point News 2023.

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Lady Shadow
Lady Shadow
28-07-23 14:38

Saving themselves from the “woke” in the movement in the US for a more traditional lifestyle is to be applauded. The USA has no ethics, morals or values, they were lost after WWII when they appointed themselves masters over the world.

Reply to  Lady Shadow
28-07-23 15:02

Couldn’t have put it better LS -you live or die by your principles and convictions -Woke is a social dogma by instituted by a small minority imposed on the large majority by fear of criticism and continual brainwashing techniques using the media .

You know inside yourself what is right and what is just evil -you can sense its against all human values built up over 1000,s of years .

Paradox Para
Paradox Para
28-07-23 14:57

Does that mean they abandon their country to the parasites. That’s it? That’s the only courage they have left, to let the filth takes over and just leave, without pushing back the perverts? What happened to the land of the free and home of the “brave”?

Reply to  Paradox Para
28-07-23 15:15

PP you have not taken into consideration what happens in the USA for those who do push back — many university professors- college lecturers – and others speaking out against woke . I spoke to them –they all lost their jobs -blacklisted – even put of the FBI “watch list ” you must know the US government under Biden has jailed any protestors . “The Land of the Free ” does not exist its a myth put out by US Big Business conglomerates to instill a sense of loyalty in US citizens while spying on them continually – freedom in… Read more »

Reply to  baronmaya
29-07-23 03:10

When they leave they are thinking long term for their children,s sake,s they would rather live in a foreign country which gives them real freedom to not only think their own thoughts but to live by them .

If it wasn’t for the US sanctions and war against Russia ,Russia itself would be prosperous – not as much as the USA/China but not too far behind .

The very reason the Pilgrim Fathers departed from England to America -religious freedom but the very building blocks of America have been polluted-distorted and destroyed by woke therefore freedom no longer exists.