The U.S. regime condemns and threatens the Governments of Russia, China, and Iran, and pretends to be not a regime itself, though it is most horrible one, and so are most of its evil allies?

If U.S. weapons are to be sold to a foreign country, then it’s an ‘ally’ and there is no investigation into any of that leader’s crimes. But if the weapons are to be used against a country, then whatever the person does is condemned-in-advance.

All of the international aggression is actually being led by Washington and practiced by the USA and its special Zionist allies.

To be a regime is to be a dictatorship, which the U.S. itself has already been scientifically studied and established to be — a dictatorship by its aristocracy.

At the very least, if the Government of Russia, or of China, or of Iran, is a regime, then America’s accusing it of being one is simply a pot’s calling the kettle black, in which case, all of the US regime’s holier-than-thou pontifications against its targets are laughable, instead of being informative.

Just as Russia, China, and Iran are three of the U.S. regime’s targets, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Israel, are three of the U.S. regime’s ‘allies’, and those three ‘allies’ are, very clearly, regimes, not democracies.

Of course, Americans are lied-to and deceived to think that the racist-supremacist theocratic apartheid nation of Israel is instead ‘the only democracy in the region’ — and how stupid is that to believe?

But that’s what the U.S. Government and its media tell them to believe, and only few Americans are outraged against their rulers for perpetrating such blatant lies upon them — manipulating the public in such a way, which assumes them to be mere fools.

However, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are widely recognized to be “regimes,” and they will therefore be the focus here, because they blatantly display the US hypocrisy to ‘justify’ its aggression’s against Russia, China, Iran, and other targeted nations.

Recently, after twenty years of the billionaire monarch of Dubai in the UAE threatening, drugging, capturing, and imprisoning, his fleeing daughters, the BBC headlined on February 17th Princess Latifa: UN to question UAE about Dubai ruler’s daughter”.

The daughter of Dubai’s ruler who tried to flee the country in 2018 later sent secret video messages to friends accusing her father of holding her ‘hostage’ as she feared for her life.

Princess Latifa Al Maktoum says commandos drugged her as she fled by boat and flew her back to detention.

The failed escapes of Sheikh Mohammed’s daughters”, and started with the year 2000, when one of Latifa’s sisters, “Shamsa escapes while on holiday with other members of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s family at their Surrey estate.

The sheikh launches a search for her, but doesn’t inform the police – his men track her down in Cambridge over a month later.

In an email to her solicitor, Shamsa says she was bundled into a car by four Arab men and driven to her father’s house in Newmarket, where she was injected and given tablets. The next morning, she is flown back to Dubai on a private plane.

Probably they’ve both been murdered and disposed of. This is the reason why the UN will now be making noises about Latifa’s disappearance, but everything’s for show, because Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is a U.S.-and-UK vassal, a prominent member of the U.S. aristocracy’s gang.

He’s on our side, copying our blueprints of engagement and in the U.S. empire’s conquests — no target of them (such as the leaders of Russia, China, and Iran, are).

Another of ‘democratic’ America’s vassal leaders, the one who controls Saudi Arabia, had perpetrated the 2 October 2018 luring into Istanbul’s Saudi Consulate of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi (who feared for his life even as he entered there).

He was immediately dismembered and chopped-up by the team of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman al-Saud, and thus was placed on public display how above-the-law Saudi Arabia’s Government really is.

Finally, on 9 September 2019, Turkey’s Daily Sabah newspaper exposed Saudi hit squad’s gruesome conversations during Khashoggi’s murder revealed”.

Turkey’s Daily Sabah newspaper reported that Turkey’s Government had just released recordings of the phone conversations between the head of the team that executed Khashoggi and a top aide to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman al-Saud, reporting on the success of their mission.

These are America’s ‘allies’. What they actually are is aristocracies that are allied with America’s aristocracy. It’s an international gang of billionaires, and they’re all psychopaths.

When someone such as Ukraine’s Yanukovych, or Iraq’s Saddam, or Libya’s Gaddafi — is accused by anybody, any mere suspicion that’s been raised against such a person is instead a ‘proven’ ‘fact’ in the view of the regime’s media and in the eyes of its brain locked public.

The USA and allied crime rings claim that there’s no need for any international investigation by the UN or any other organization, because ‘our’ ‘free’ press has already indicted and convicted the target (such as was done regarding Saddam Hussein and Bashar al-Assad).

But not when the accused is instead ‘an ally’ — such as Benjamin Netanyahu, or Mohammad bin Salman, or Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, or any other major buyer of the products of U.S. firms such as Lockheed Martin.

If America’s weapons are to be sold to such a nation, then it’s an ‘ally’ and there is no investigation into any of that leader’s crimes. But if the weapons are instead to be used against a nation, then whatever the person does is condemned-in-advance.

This is ‘International Justice’, in the view of the U.S. gangsters. Whether a foreign ruler is good or bad is irrelevant, because the U.S. regime is, itself, a gangster operation, and it adheres only to gangland rules.

And anyone who has open eyes and an open mind can recognize this fact, because it has been amply documented (though not in the empire’s press).

So, now more transparent nations are send into the mix, making life a little difficult for the ruling elite. Maybe the BRICS powerhouse is able to tumble the existing regimes, just to be replaced by others?

Strategic Culture / ABC Flash Point Information News 2021.

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New Wave
New Wave
28-02-21 19:49

Its all in the blood, Sacrifice is a tool to develop certain skills?