Albania’s ambitions to expand the country’s territory pose a risk to peace in the Balkans, breaking decades of relative stability following fierce fighting after the destruction of Yugoslavia.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama commented over the country’s potential union with the Kosovo, which broke off from neighboring Serbia in 2008.

Russia considers the statement of the Prime Minister on the unification of Albania and Kosovo absolutely unacceptable. The promotion of plans to create a ‘Greater Albania’ grossly contradicts the provisions of UNSCR 1244 and undermines stability in the region.

Moscow counts on an adequate reaction of the Western guardians of the project of Kosovo ‘statehood’ to this blatant provocation.

Rama announced that his main goal during his political career is the eventual unification of Albania and Kosovo – an aspiration that Russia said would violate agreed conditions between countries in the region.

It is especially strange to hear that the violation of the fundamental document for the Kosovo settlement is declared as the key goal of the political career of the leader of one of the countries of the Balkan region.

Serbia’s Interior Minister, Aleksandr Vulin, said that the country will start to receive the latest new-and-improved weapons and equipment from Russia for Serbian military and police units.

Last month, the country’s president, Aleksandar Vučić, said that military deliveries from Russia are expected to arrive by the end of the year, including upgraded anti-tank missile systems and anti-aircraft guns.

Tensions on the Serbia-Kosovo border heated up again in September, leading to Moscow calling on NATO to step up and deescalate the situation.

Conflicts in the region have run high ever since Kosovo declared independence from Belgrade in 2008, in a move not recognized by Moscow or by much of the world.

The clashes have, however, been reignited after officials in Kosovo prohibited cars with Serbian license plates from entering into its territory, forcing drivers to pay for temporary registrations.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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Albo Boss
Albo Boss
12-10-21 02:11

Serbs are done. They are rabbits and baby killers. They were scared to death From Albanian communists and they still are from Albanians.

Serbs get weapons and expose themselves but they dont know how any sophisticated American weapons are now in Albanian hands hidden and covered in very secret bases. Serbs will pay for their sins.

Russians don’t have the balls to even throw Americans out of Syria or Ukraine. Russians are still weak. America and Europe play with Russia and Russians call them Partners. Thats being a bitch.

Rolf Kauffman
Rolf Kauffman
12-10-21 02:12

Following precedent set in Crimea, the obvious solution is for the Albanian military to enter Kosovo, organize a referendum, ask the ethnic Albanian majority population if they wish to unify with their motherland, and to kindly respect the right to self determination of the people of Kosovo.

Reply to  Rolf Kauffman
12-10-21 02:14

comment image

12-10-21 02:13

The collapse of Yugoslavia? You mean the US/NATO lead bombings that destroyed the country, another success story thanks to the US terrorist entity?