In 2017, Qantas challenged Boeing and Airbus, to make a jet that can fly nonstop from Sydney to London or New York, almost 20 hours of flight time.

Now, Airbus chief commercial officer Christian Scherer confirmed that the company could make the A-350 jet fly longest to meet Qantas’s “Project Sunrise”.

Australian Qantas airline wants a Boeing 777-X or Airbus A-350 that can undertake the epic routes connecting two distance lands by 2022 with non-stop flying.

Speaking at the IATA annual general meeting in Seoul, Christian Scherer said the Airbus can make both variants of A-350, specially -1000, fly ultra-long-range and high-capacity to offer Qantas.

Currently the longest commercial flight, 18 hours 45 minutes is operated by Singapore Airlines between Singapore and New York using the Airbus A-350/900-ULR (ultra-long-range).

News in Flight / ABC Flash Point Airline News 2019.

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10-10-21 19:08

Can’t imagine myself sitting in an airplane for nearly one day?