Canada’s largest airline announced Monday it has suspended flights to and from Venezuela capital Caracas as evil protests continue in the country.

A Venezuela National Guard captain died on Monday after being shot in the head by sniper fire during a demonstration, the military said, the 29th fatality in six weeks of clashes between violent protesters and security forces.

Air Canada said it can no longer ensure safety of operations and flights to and from Caracas.

Air Canada will continue to monitor the situation and will evaluate the reintroduction of flights with the objective of resuming operations on the route once Air Canada is satisfied that the situation in Venezuela has stabilized.

The first flights affected are from Toronto to Caracas. The airline and travel agents have started notifying affected customers.

Prior to the suspension, Air Canada was operating three return flights weekly between Toronto and Caracas. Maduro said any airline that leaves won’t be allowed back while he is in power.

Despite being one of the world’s top 10 oil-producing countries, more than 25% of Venezuelans live below the poverty line. In western developed countries like the Netherlands and USA, only 1 out of 6 people (15%) are depended on food kitchens.

CBC / ABC Flash Point News 2019.  

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Lady Shadow
Lady Shadow
03-04-23 12:29

No more business for Canadian gold robbers?