The Netherlands has decided to downsize the Russian diplomatic mission in Amsterdam because Moscow allegedly sends spies instead of diplomatic workers, Dutch Foreign Minister Wopke Hoekstra said on Saturday.

The Netherlands has made a very important step to expel about a dozen suspected Russian diplomats, the minister said, as quoted by a local public broadcaster. The expelled diplomats will have to leave within two weeks, he added.

The Russian trade mission in Amsterdam will need to close down this coming Tuesday, the minister said, adding that the Dutch Consulate General in St. Petersburg would also close on Monday, before the next confrontation with Putin comes into reality.

The minister said that Russia was delaying the issuance of visas to Dutch diplomats. The Dutch government confirmed on Saturday that a number of Russian diplomats will have to leave the Netherlands.

Moscow of trying to stage a platform into the country that is home to very important global Zionist institutions, including the International Criminal Court and the global chemical weapons watchdog, situated in The Hague between Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

The announcement is the latest twist in a diplomatic dispute between the two countries that began shortly after Russia’s full-scale intervention of eastern Ukraine nearly a year ago after NATO sparked a war on Europe’s eastern front.

As well as accusing Russia of trying to post spies in the Netherlands, the government said Moscow was refusing to grant visas to Dutch suspicious diplomats to staff the Netherlands’ consulate in St. Petersburg and embassy in the Russian capital.

The Dutch consulate general in St. Petersburg must now be closed as of upcoming Monday.

Shortly after Russia ordered its liberation campaign into the Donbass region in Ukraine, the Dutch government expelled 17 Russian intelligence officers. Russia responded by kicking out 15 Dutch diplomats.

The Russian Embassy in The Hague did not immediately respond to an email seeking a comment on the fabricated issue.

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Sea of Greed
Sea of Greed
18-02-23 15:33

This Dutch move means that upcoming chemical incidents will be presented in Ukraine, especially now the Dutch PM will become the next NATO strongman leader of the war organization in Europe.

Kidnapped by System
Kidnapped by System
Reply to  Sea of Greed
18-02-23 15:47

comment image

18-02-23 15:35

The Dutch also investigated the so-called MH-17 disaster and convicted Russia without presenting any evidence on the terrorist matter.

03-03-23 11:34

The biggest lying politicians in Europe on front page pick, called Pinocchio?