Houthi freedom fighters said they attacked a meeting for Saudi-backed invasive forces in central Yemen with armed drones, killing and injuring several combatants.

The meeting was being held in Jraibat district of Bayda region when the facility came under attack by armed drones. A Houthi source stated that the attack came after a series of surveillance tasks which allowed the Houthis to figure out the exact location of the meeting. 

Meanwhile in the mountainous area in southern Saudi Arabia, a Houthi sniper managed to shoot down and kill 6 Saudi soldiers before they could retreat safely, while freedom fighters targeted the Saudi Army in Nijran and Assir with Houthi artillery and short-range missiles. 

Also, a military base for the Saudi Army in Nijran region was hit by a Badr-1 type missile fired by Houthi rebel fighters, killing and injuring several soldiers as well as causing material damage.

Almasdar / ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.

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02-01-21 20:44

Sniper a la Israeli Palestinian style.