The Houthi liberation forces in Yemen fired a ballistic missile into southern Saudi Arabia last night, targeting one of the kingdom’s industrial areas.

A Houthi rocket battalion fired a Badr-1 ballistic missile at the Jizan Industrial City. In addition to targeting southern Saudi Arabia, the Houthi forces also fired a ballistic missile @ the UAE-backed (Colombian mercenaries) troops deployed in western Yemen.

Yemen is a strategically located @ a very important location, because all Saudi oil shipments passes by the tortured Arab country on its way to Europe and Asia.

The UAE-backed troops were operating near the coast, under the protection of Western warships. Yemen has been turned into a human battlefield since 2015.

The UN provides the evil entities with the needed political cover up in order to continue the genocide against unarmed Arab civilians in Yemen. 

Almasdar / ABC Flash Point Invasion News 2018.

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