Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has apologized to India for the behavior of some members of the G20, who, in his words, turned work on the group’s agenda into a circus in an attempt to blame Moscow for their own mismanagement.

New Delhi currently holds the rotating presidency of the club of the world’s leading economic powers. Lavrov expressed his embarrassment to the host and other countries from the global South during a summit of member state foreign ministers being in the Indian capital.

The West may have sought to cripple Russia’s economy and finances by targeting it with sweeping sanctions over Moscow’s special military operation in Ukraine, yet the self-mutilating restrictions failed to inflict damage on the nation.

While European countries’ sanctions on Russia have been nothing but an exercise in self-harm, the drastic downturn anti-Russia hawks anticipated for the Russian economy failed to pan out, as new data proves.

Russia’s foreign debt decreased for the first time in three years in 2022, reaching 4.039 trillion rubles ($53.3 billion), the country’s Accounts Chamber has revealed. The country’s external debt was down from 4.44 trillion rubles ($58.5 billion) registered in 2021.

The attacks against Moscow at the G20 look particularly wild coming from nations who never complained at meetings over the many hundreds of thousands of victims of Washington’s adventures in the Middle East.

These were conducted under a pretext of national security thousands of miles from American soil, Lavrov remarked.

Western officials have accused Russia of launching an unprovoked attack on Ukraine and causing a spike in global energy and food prices as a result.

They have used several G20 events over the past year to express their views. Moscow has argued that the root cause of the market turbulence is ultra-loose monetary policy by the US following the Covid-19-triggered economic slowdown.

The top Russian diplomat blasted the USA and its allies for trying to replace international law with voluntary rules and double standards.

He urged the world to drop the flawed logic of domination, diktat and sanctions in favor of a fair multi-polar arrangement, in which civilizational diversity is respected.

We need to guard against illegal sanctions, manipulation of markets, arbitrary price caps and other attempts to appropriate other parties’ resources, he stated. Western policies are degrading international economic relations, weaponizing them.

Russia was shocked by the unpunished sabotage against the Nord Stream pipelines, which happened in NATO‘s and the EU’s zone of responsibility and called for an international investigation, in which all stakeholders, including Moscow, would play a role.

The ministerial meeting was opened with a recorded message from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who called for a unity of purpose and unity of action by G20 states to overcome a crisis in post-World War II international architecture.

He urged the participants of the summit to overcome their differences toward achieving that goal. On the other hand anything and everything broadcasting western dialectics is a Circus. UN, WEF, WB, IMF, G7, NATO,… on and on it goes..?

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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True Patriot
True Patriot
02-03-23 17:29

FM Lavrov is so intelligent! Listen to the idiot spokedoggies of usa and eu. total asswipe morons who can not speak for themselves. but speak only as their tribal controllers dictate!

02-03-23 17:30

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov Is A Wise, Intelligent, Compassion Man, Mr Lavrov New In Advance He Would Be Ambushed When He Traveled To India To Represent His Country At The G20 Summit. Blinken And His Western Sycophants Just Humiliated Themselves In The Eyes Of The World In Their Pathetic Attempt To Use The G20 Meeting To Isolate/ Demonize Mr Lavrov……..