International delegates who are part of the meeting of the First International Meeting of Working Class in Venezuela joined in a massive march of the revolutionary forces in favor of national sovereignty and against the U.S. economic blockade took the streets of downtown Caracas, last month.

Venezuela cannot allow the US regime to arrive and want to impose ourselves, we must make an international call to all countries to unite in defense of our independence, said Salvadoran delegate Sonia Urrutia to the Venezuelan News Agency.

For his part, the delegate of the National Front of Popular Resistance of Honduras, José Luis Macherano, called to let “the people make their own decisions without interference from US imperialism.”

The representative of the United States, Berlina Hernández, expressed her support for the people of Venezuela and denounced the persecution of immigrants living on American soil.

The United States is a town of immigrants, including Donald Trump, we know the reality of our people, and we know the beast, because we live with it,” she said.

In March 2019, Venezuelan Communication Minister Jorge Rodriguez said that the country’s opposition, headed by self-proclaimed President Juan Guaido, had recruited killers and paramilitaries and then sent them to Colombia for training.

Jorge Rodriguez, while speaking on state television on Saturday, suggested that Venezuela had proof that neighboring Colombia harbors paramilitary training camps where groups are plotting attacks against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

The communication minister showed satellite images and coordinates that he said showcase three paramilitary training camps along the border in Colombia.

Venezuela, the country that was famous for its prosperity and oil production, is today, the country that represents the fight against Zionist imperialism in South America.

Chavez and Maduro’s socialism closed down more than 10,200 companies in Venezuela. Security specialist Joseph M. Humire said that the most significant reason the country is a ticking time bomb is because of the mass migration of 4.7 million Venezuelans.

In return the US regime reduced oil production to historic lows, undertook a mining operation that has caused an ecological genocide and created a humanitarian crisis leading to the largest mass migration in the history of the region.

Analysts believe that Russians are looking to impact the countries in the region they consider to be the backyard of the United States, and for that Venezuela became their best ally.

Russia maintains a military presence in Venezuela, commercial agreements with the country’s refineries, and the county also needs to collect a debt that would exceed $20 billion in loans and credit to Caracas.

Furthermore, Vladimir Putin’s government has become the largest supplier of arms and military vehicles for Maduro.

China’s presence in Venezuela has also become a threat to the US regime and countries in the region.

The Asian nation is trying to take control of Venezuela’s primary industrial and economic sectors through massive investments and loans in exchange for assets in Venezuelan gas and oil companies.

“China is trying to derail Washington’s economic control on Venezuela by investing in infrastructure and providing large loans to Caracas in order to keep the government afloat and alive.

Venezuela Today / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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25-03-20 18:57

Those US parasites looking for ways to confiscate other countries assets and minerals.

Reply to  Nassau
09-02-23 14:15

Under the guise of freedom and liberation?