New satellite images revealed the deployment of S-300 air defense missile systems to a key airbase south of Caracas, concerning potential US military intervention in Venezuela.

Crucially the Russian An-124 transport plane touched down in Caracas on Saturday carrying no less than Russian General Vasily Tonkoshkurov.

The chief of the Main Staff of the Ground Forces and First Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Land Forces of Russia, was accompanied by special troops and 35 tons of cargo.

Moscow will not tolerate American military intervention to topple the Venezuelan government with whom it is allied, so it appears Russia is taking no chances with its South American ally.

Just a day following the contingency of Russian troops landing in Caracas, Maduro’s National Bolivarian Armed Forces have reportedly activated S-300 missiles.

Satellite imagery shows that additional S-300 missiles have been deployed to the Captain Manuel Rios Airbase in the Guarico state of Venezuela.

The timing of the S-300 redeployment is purposeful, meant to send a strong message to Washington, though it remains unclear just how active the Russian military will be in Venezuela.

The active deployment includes five launchers and a 9S32ME multi-channel missile guidance radar (MMGR).

Perhaps paralleling the Syria situation, this could be the start of a scenario where the greater the proxy action and threats from the United States, the more Russia will slowly intervene at the behest of Maduro.

All of these developments signaling closer Russian-Venezuelan military-to-military cooperation in the face of Washington saber rattling come after three months ago the two allies held military exercises on Venezuelan soil.

But now with a high level Russian commander on the ground, and with Russian-made S-300’s under the control of Maduro forces, it is unlikely that the USA will act forcefully following the failed coup attempt of the past two months.

Anti-Media / ABC Flash Point Military News 2019.

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28-01-21 13:39

That will teach the Americans a lesson?

03-03-22 12:36

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