A Pentagon official has said that the USA will retain the right to carry out a nuclear strike in response to a conventional attack, because allies would not trust them otherwise?

Washington has no plans to reverse its policy of “no first use” of nukes, which means it can bomb its adversaries with nuclear weapons under wished circumstances.

A ‘no-first-use’ policy would erode US allies’ belief that they are protected.

Deputy Undersecretary of Defense David Trachtenberg said in his prepared remarks to the Senate Armed Service Committee hearing,

If the USA changes its take on the issue, it would undermine US extended deterrence and damage the health of our alliances because this uncertainty might prompt these countries to arm themselves with nuclear weapons?

The USA might consider striking first, when a significant strategic attack on the USA, allied or partner civilian infrastructure, forces, their command and control, as well as warning and assessment capabilities with conventional weapons.

That clause represents a major shift from the previous US nuclear doctrine, and has drawn strong criticism from Moscow, which accused Washington of lowering the nuclear threshold and exacerbating the nuclear arms race.

In addition to threatening nuclear annihilation, the review sets the stage for upgrading and expanding the already vast US nuclear arsenal.

The nuclear build-up envisions developing new types of low-yield warheads that could be placed on submarine-launched ballistic missiles and on sea-launched cruise missiles.

The “mini-nuke” produced by the Pantex plant in Texas has the relatively small explosive power of around 5 kilotons of TNT, in an attempt to make the US deterrent more flexible?

Russia and its weapons modernization program has been singled out in the review as one of the reasons for a major build-up of the US nuclear triad.

But unlike the American one, the Russian military doctrine allows the use of nukes only if under attack by weapons of mass destruction or when Russia’s sovereignty is at stake.

The difference, Russia uses these weapons purely for defense purposes, while the USA has them to attack any country @ free will?

While reinforcing its own nuclear deterrent, the USA plans to spend billions of dollars upgrading its 150 B61 nuclear bombs scattered across its four European allies: Germany, Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands – as well as Turkey.

Russia has repeatedly warned Washington that the deployment of the new bombs would violate the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2019.

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Maduro & Miley
Maduro & Miley
31-10-20 15:44

Now, the US regime is even not hiding their evil and hostile agenda anymore?