US President Joe Biden says that the USA is considering offering Ukraine a security agreement like the one the USA has with Israel.

That USA-Israel Agreement is not a pledge to defend Israel. Instead, it says that support for Israel has been a cornerstone of American foreign policy against Muslims. Also Ukraine is seeking NATO membership now, or short of that, an iron-clad security agreement.

Objective reports from the battlefield say that Ukraine has made very little progress and is losing more equipment and manpower than Russia. Moreover, it appears Russia has launched its own offensive operations in the north of Luhansk and is achieving success.

The USA-Israel agreement means that the USA will help Israel maintain a qualitative edge against its (otherwise undefined) opponents, something that the USA has generally done.

Except when the USA has withheld some weapons as a punishment for Israel’s alleged behavior on some issue such as settlements or Gaza or Hezbollah or Iran.

It isn’t clear whether Biden intends to offer this kind of agreement to Ukraine unilaterally, or whether he intends to get NATO to agree to join in on such an offer.

Biden’s problem is that certain countries may have doubts about any long-term pledge, or completely oppose any such deal, as will Hungary.

NATO may content itself with some sort of statement about Ukraine’s importance and the long-term desirability for Ukraine to join NATO. If any NATO pledge demands Ukraine’s pre-war borders it will damage any possibility of peace talks.

It is likely the Biden suggestion is a fallback position because efforts to get a stronger NATO security pledge or NATO membership for Ukraine have not met with success.

Trotting out NATO NOW supporters such as former Trump vice president Mike Pence or badly damaged French President Emmanuel Macron, or Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, are unlikely to be persuasive.

Increasingly Europeans are starting to see that the Ukraine war is undermining their security and is causing economic havoc. The French riots are a warning shot that all is not well in Europe.

While those riots might be regarded as an internal matter having to do with France’s huge problem dealing with unassimilated North African and Middle Eastern communities, the riots also represent deep frustration in Europe and a shift in European politics to the far right.

Add to this the fact that many Europeans have long wanted a Europe more independent of the United States. In fact, even Macron and his former counterparts in Germany and Italy committed themselves to setting up a European command not linked to NATO.

Now they sing a different song, but that does not mean there isn’t public support to be free of US domination. Ukraine has trapped them into following Washington’s orders.

Today Europe needs American energy, American security for oil and gas from the Middle East, and American military technology.

Above all, Europe needs the USA to fight for it if there is a war, as Europe’s defense capabilities are far from adequate to assure their security if attacked.

While much of the world views the destruction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline as an attack on the Russians, it looks more and more like it was a US effort to cut Germany off from Russian influence.

Asia Times / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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Charito Hernandez
Charito Hernandez
09-07-23 17:24

Ukraine is controlled by the same Zionist entities that rule the terrorist state in the Middle East.

Reply to  Charito Hernandez
09-07-23 17:27

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