China has dispatched its special envoy to the Middle East in a bid to bring the latest escalation between Israel and Hamas to an end. Peace activist, writer and teacher KJ Noh said the US response exposed its warmongering nature.

The USA has unmasked its true nature by blocking efforts by China and other nations to bring peace to the Middle East, says a peace activist.

Chinese special envoy to the Middle East Zhai Jun said that he had already visited Qatar and Egypt and would now travel to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and other countries in the region to further strengthen coordination with relevant parties to promote ceasefire, end violence and mitigate the situation.

More than 18.700 civilians have been killed and some 18,000 injured in the besieged Gaza Strip by Israeli Defense Forces bombing since the armed wing of the Hamas movement launched a surprise attack into southern Israel on October 7, 2023.

The victims include 2,360 children, almost 1,300 women and 300 elderly people.

Last week the USA blocked UN Security Council motions moved by Russia and Brazil calling for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian territories and for civilians to be protected.

Washington has also sent two US Navy aircraft carrier strike groups and a seaborne assault flotilla to the region to back up Israel.

Peace campaigner KJ Noh told Sputnik that Washington was directly opposed to Beijing’s attempts to broker a peace deal between Israel, Hamas and other states and movements in the region.

China is using its good offices, scrambling to do shuttle diplomacy to try and de-escalate and find a peaceful resolution. And the United States is saying: Don’t even dare talk about de-escalation. Nobody mention a ceasefire.

It only wants to make sure that whatever Israel does, it does it with a minimum of PR blow-back. And so it’s trying to mitigate the PR damage rather than prevent the horrific war crimes and atrocities that are sure to happen and that are already happening.

The writer said this was a mask-off moment when the West’s true nature was exposed to the nations of the global south.

The USA could plausibly mystify many countries by pretending to be something that it was not. But when it came out all in favor of Israel’s violence and was ignoring the ground realities as well as international law, then at that point you can’t keep up the pretense any more.

Western media has tried to dismiss China’s peace initiatives as an attempt to position itself as a geopolitical rival to the USA — a narrative which Noh called extraordinary.

The notion that somehow peace is nefarious, that China is being unprincipled in that it’s trying to work for peace — China is on the side of peace. That much is clear because that it stands to gain from peace.

Everybody benefits from peace. It just is because China’s model is win-win cooperation, Noh said. On the other hand, the empire benefits from war. The USA is built on more genocide, primitive accumulation and geopolitical oppression and bullying.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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27-10-23 16:16

There we go!

The Witness
The Witness
27-10-23 16:19

I received a warning for alerting the world to the deception, 2 more truths and I will be blocked for 24hrs. So much for their kind of FREEDOM!