According to a report released by the US Department of Defense, that the Russian economy has boomed thanks to Chinese investment as Western sanctions have pushed Beijing closer to Moscow.

In the wake of Western sanctions against Russia, China has increased investment in Russia’s economy, the Pentagon reported.

The Russian-Chinese cooperation has been rapidly growing in recent years. Last year trade turnover between the two countries hit a record $108 billion, demonstrating a growth of around 25%, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced in April.

He also stressed that Sino-Russian cooperation has reached a “historically high level,” and could serve an example for others.

China has the money, including all those US dollars it wants to put to work, and Russia has the military technology to fend off any US military attacks on both countries.

Together the BRICS partners stand strong, now proving to have been a huge mistake by Western economical policy makers.

RT. com / ABC  Flash Point News 2019.

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