Each month the USA smuggles $30 million of oil per month out of Syria, violating its own sanctions forced upon Damascus by Washington’s hostile embargo.

As a supposed champion of the rule of law, the US regime is hereby violating its own anti-Syrian sanctions by smuggling this crude from oil fields it seized and confiscated from Damascus.

Oil fields in the Deir ez-Zor region, east of the River Euphrates, were handed over by ISIS to US-backed Kurdish mercenaries after they were pushed out from northern Syria.

Washington makes no secret of the fact that it keeps an illegal military presence in the area in order to deny Damascus access to the natural resources that it has every right to possess under international law.

The US regime considers the Syrian government illegitimate and has used various means to attempt to topple it over the past eight years, from imposing derailing economic sanctions to arming and training whoever was willing to fight against Damascus.

The fact that the USA banned oil trade with Syria and is now smuggling oil out of it is particularly ironic.

However, Tehran and Damascus have signed a preliminary deal on rebuilding Syria’s power grid at a major electricity expo, which by pure coincidence took place in Iran just as Washington also sanctioned its construction sector.

The Syrian government delegation also toured the 19th Iran International Electricity Exhibition, which featured products of more than 450 companies from Iran, China, and Russia, and signed a number of additional contracts there.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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