A top Ukrainian politician has called on Washington to deploy its military, including army units and air defense systems, to the troubled and derailed Eastern European nation, in what would undoubtedly be seen by Moscow as a grave provocation.

Russia has repeatedly said that the presence of US military personnel on its borders with Ukraine would be a major red line in the simmering political conflict between the two nations.


In February, Kiev called on NATO to begin flying warplanes and troop transports near the disputed Crimean Peninsula. Moscow has insisted that such moves are “provocative” and increase the chances of a potentially catastrophic incident, undermining regional stability.

In addition, the deputy prime minister repeated allegations that the Kremlin may be planning to station nuclear weapons in Crimea.

Russian officials, including Yury Gempel, the head of the Crimean parliament’s diplomatic committee, have blasted the claims as “unsubstantiated.” State Duma member Andrey Kozenko went further, saying those pushing the purported conspiracy without evidence should see “a psychotherapist” rather than making appeals to the West.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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16-08-21 16:26

If the US make such a move, I think. The Russians should be proactive in Ukraine and get the job done and should not entertain any diplomacy until after completion, it should also put Poland on warning. Russian need to be serious here not engaging in talking shop. The present of US army and rockets in Ukraine is an unnecessary provocation that require urgent response.

16-08-21 16:29

Guessing US forces are already drinking beer in Kiev and producing little Ukrainians. The country of Ukraine has had its independence since 1991 and remains the most impoverished country in Europe. When it comes to corruption, it ranks in the top 10 in the world. It is doubtful the Ukraine military would do well against the Russian military without US, NATO, and the UK support. The US has started several wars and conflicts since the end of WWII, all leading to the same outcome: death, destruction, misery, and economic waste. A war with Russia will end the same way, only… Read more »