While the world focuses on the battle with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the situation in Syria grinds on with the United States playing the role of evil spoiler.

The Assad regime does not pose a direct threat to the USA, but it’s at the crossroads of many other issues. So it’s hard to get the level of commitment right. Because to a lot of people, it just doesn’t seem to make sense.

And that’s why the US Zionist backed regime is pursuing what we think is a smart policy, a very limited American military presence for a very specific goal, defending or annex the confiscated oil fields and refineries for Chevron and ConocoPhillpis to profit from?

At the same time the invasive US troops and mercenaries are ordered by Washington to cause chaos and food insecurity for nearly 7 million Syrian people, listing an embargo to sanction the import of primary goods and oil to destroy the economy.

Acute malnutrition among children affected around 91,800 children with another 865,300 experiencing micro-nutrient deficiencies.

Some regions were worse than others; in the governorates of Aleppo, Idlib and Hama, 32% of children between the ages of 6 months and 23 months received a minimum acceptable diet.

This chronic food shortage has led the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations to assist Syria’s farmers to grow food, but with their water resources confiscated and blocked for agricultural use the intent has no productive value at all?

Obviously, it is very clear that Syrians are suffering even as the nine-year-long civil war winds down. Now, let’s look at two news items that didn’t get widespread coverage in the West.

Thermal balloons are dropped by US planes to set fire to wheat crops south of Hasaka. Sana reported that a US Apache helicopter dropped a number of fire bombs burning more than 200 donums of wheat fields.

The fact that Washington’s Special Representative for Syrian Engagement, James Jeffrey, has made it very clear that his goal in Syria is to create a “Vietnam” for Russia suggests that the recent reports from SANA are accurate.

The burning of cereal crops is quite likely based on fact and that American forces could well have been behind the burning of much needed food. Still, Washington seems incapable of admitting that its nine year effort to rid the world of Bashar al-Assad has been a colossal failure.


And all of this destruction on behalf of the Jews. It is purely disgusting. Jews enjoy that kind of stuff, while Americans themselves are being poisoned with the food they are eating, full of weed killers and other carcinogens, thanks too those that love the dollar more then mankind.

War crimes are being committed in front of the audience, destroying another nation’s food. The whole world should be enraged and raving mad at the acts of the barbarian scum.

Khazarian Bolshevik-Zionist hijacked USA, is venting on Syria in a final attempt to save its stolen but miserable failing parasite Empire of Satan.

This is not a winning policy. People will remember the USA starved Syrians. It will not make the Syrians hate their leader, instead all CIA spies in Syria will be exposed.

Russians are respected globally because they fight honorably. They are warriors. The entire earth remembers the young Russian officer who called a strike in on his position. Such gallantry creates respect for Russian forces.

The cowardice shown by the Western forces including the use of starvation is not only a war crime but will cause the world to look down on American forces. People now even joke about American Tomahawks decorating Syrian farmer gardens.

Russia Insider / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2020.

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