US banksters, like Bank of America have conducted the biggest heist in history by stealing $7 trillion, primarily from the poor, during the Corona-virus lock down which destroyed most small businesses in the USA.

The mainstream media seems to be part of a propaganda operation that is trying to change the conversation right now from what really matters, which is that the most powerful banking cabal in the world.

The people who essentially own and operate the government of the United States, the West and much of the world, just stole at least $7 trillion, primarily from poor people in the COVID-19 lock down which destroyed small businesses all over the world, which is starving poor people all over the world.

The crisis led to the printing of unlimited money for the world’s biggest wealthiest bankers. It bailed them out of their debt crisis and gave them the right to give themselves and their friends as much money as they want by printing it out of thin air and they are doing that even as we speak?

There was a corporate bailout at the level of trillions for the friends of Steven Mnuchin. He and his Zionist buddies have an unlimited credit line. They never have to pay back. It’s basically just a bailout slush fund.

So this is the biggest robbery in the history of the world, and ordinary people are suffering horribly. They were locked down and they felt like they couldn’t breathe. Their economic lives have been destroyed. They feel like they couldn’t breathe.

And so then suddenly, just at the moment when they should have risen up and revolt and stormed Wall Street, stormed Washington, DC and overthrown these thieves who just conducted the biggest robbery in the history of the world.

But, no suddenly this conversation changes to race, and the ordinary working white people and black people are being turned against each other, talking about race, rather than this robbery, conducted under the premeditated pretext of a COVID-19 pandemic which was almost certainly manufactured in a biological warfare lab.

This happened under the direction of the very bankers who have stolen six, seven or more trillion dollars based on this pandemic which they obviously plotted out in great detail ahead of time, as part of an effort for them to centralize their wealth and power.

This all to stop the rise of China by blowing up the globalized world economy that is the engine of China’s rise and to allow them to impose a top-down police state on the people of the West so they can be ready to continue to centralize and strengthen their control of the West and the world.

That’s what COVID-19 really was. And they’ve changed the conversation to race so that we don’t notice it. So the USA torpedoed the entire global economy to stop China’s rise.

MSN / PressTV – ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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Parasite Empire of Satan
22-06-20 02:04

Just to get the economic control back over the entire world?


The trade war feeds both governments with more tax income?

23-08-20 04:42

[…] US Bankers destroyed Small Businesses and stole $7 trillion during COVID-19… […]

14-11-20 05:12

[…] US Bankers destroyed Small Businesses and stole $7 trillion during COVID-19 […]