U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May will pledge to send hundreds of extra troops to Afghanistan during the NATO summit in Brussels on Wednesday, July 10 as the obsolete alliance is urged to contribute more armed invaders to Asia.

The extra NATO troops will be from the Welsh Guards regiment, with around half deploying in August and the other half battalion to follow in February 2019. NATO asked the United Kingdom and other military partners to deploy more forces last year.

British Army sniper in Afghanistan

The extra deployment will take the total number of British occupation troops in the country to around 1,100. The last U.K. combat troops left Afghanistan in 2014 after being involved in the bloody opium conflict since 2001.

NATO handed over “responsiblity” for western security in Afghanistan to local forces at the end of 2014 but still has a 16,000 combat troops in so-called military support mission in the country.

Last month the Netherlands defense ministry said it would end its derailed commando contribution to the UN mission in Mali and instead send Dutch units to the NATO operation in Afghanistan.

There are currently 250 Dutch commandos at Camp Castor near the city of Gao in eastern Mali.

Lithuania announced it would deploy special forces to Afghanistan, while other NATO regimes defend its strategic position at the Baltic Sea battleground. 

Lithuania troops in Afghanistan

Azerbaijan also increased its number of troops in Afghanistan in an attempt to “break the stalemate” the with the Taliban.

The Defense Report / ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.

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